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Big Bad Dad

ISBN 10 : 9781459267282
ISBN 13 : 1459267281

Why Carly Carrothers' Will Not Fall for Mackenzie James: 1. He was a kid. (An adorable little girl, but a kid, nonetheless.) 2. He's your irresistible yet demanding boss. 3. He has..

The Big Bad Wolf

ISBN 10 : 9781491873649
ISBN 13 : 1491873647

This book is about three little pigs, who grow up and encounter the storms of life through the big bad wolf. Wait and see what happens as the pigs use wisdom to deal with him...

Big Bad Bible Giants

ISBN 10 : 9780310871521
ISBN 13 : 0310871522

Fierce, hairy, oversized monsters! Could you face a guy like Goliath? Gather your courage and meet the big bad giants of the Bible. Were they really ten feet tall? Did they actuall..

Silver Threads And Golden Strands

ISBN 10 : 9781456765958
ISBN 13 : 1456765957

Teenage Warrior is primarily about the effect WWII had on “baby brothers” who watched older brothers leave home to serve their country. Being left behind, feeling useless, and ..

Big Bad Killing Machine

ISBN 10 : 9781499052213
ISBN 13 : 1499052219

This sequel, to the story of the Big Bad Killing Machine, continues the story of Colton Colby when he plays for the Green Bay Packers and his life during this period. This book has..

Big Bad Daddy

ISBN 10 : 1542667941
ISBN 13 : 9781542667944

Does the single-dad billionaire want to pay me to take care of his daughter's needs or to satisfy his own dark desires?AMY LYNN BECK:Saying that life has dealt me a lousy hand woul..

Rich Dad S Conspiracy Of The Rich

ISBN 10 : 9780446568173
ISBN 13 : 0446568171

In late January, 2009, Robert Kiyosaki launched CONSPIRACY OF THE RICH - a free online book which was written in serial basis to help people understand how the current recession ca..